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Wolf Pelt

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Wolf Pelt
Wolf pelt.png
Version 1.04
Category Resources > Wildlife
Size 15 Slots (5x3)
Weight 1 kg (3 lb)
Heavy No
Absorbency 0.3%
Obtained From Wolves
Required Tools Knives
Amount Obtained 1
Used In Crafting
Specialty Precision
Bonus None
Improvement Precision
Locations Crafted
Pelt from a wolf. Can be tanned for further processing. — In-game description

The Wolf Pelt is a type of resource in DayZ Standalone.

This pelt can be obtained by killing and skinning a Wolf using a knife. Pelts can then be processed in an Oil Barrel to create Tanned Leather.

Tanning[edit | edit source]

Tanning a Wolf Pelt requires the use of an Oil Barrel in addition to the recipe ingredients.

Wolf pelt.png
10% - 30%

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