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Category Predator
Meat 5-10 x Wolf Steak
Pelt 1 x Wolf Pelt
Other 1-2 x Guts
1 x Fat
1 x Bones
Location(s) Forests
Rarity Uncommon
Variants Grey, White
A timber wolf. There may be more, as it rarely hunts alone. — In-game description

The Wolf is an animal in DayZ Standalone. The implementation of this animal marked the introduction of non-infected hostile AI. After killing 3 wolves of any color they run away.

General[edit | edit source]

Wolves can be found alone or in packs of as many as 10, mostly roaming in the far western and far northern forests of Chernarus, such as those around Myshkino, Severograd, and Tisy Military Base. They are prone to howling when they are not actively aggro'd on anything, so survivors can expect to be warned of a wolf pack's presence by audio while still at a distance if they have not already made visual identification.

When wolves attack, they move as a pack to chase and encircle their prey, lunging forward to bite and to swipe with their front claws. In most cases, Survivors cannot outrun the wolves as they'll flank the survivor and attack them from the sides while in a full sprint. Therefore it's much more beneficial to fight the wolves right as they aggro, if they cannot be avoided.

Community testing indicates that wolves have 3x the HP compared to infected. If a wolf and an infected aggro on each other, odds favor the wolf winning. As such, it may be possible for crafty survivors to lure wolves into infested-filled towns and use them to clear out the infected population.

Wolves are very dangerous in packs if the survivor is alone without a multiple shot weapon. If the survivor has cover, such as a building, the odds are more in the survivor’s favor. Expect all clothes to be badly damaged or ruined after an encounter.

Note : Wolves do not have a head hit box

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Wolf was first implemented in patch v0.61.136182 (17 Nov 2016)
  • As of 5 May 2017 players utilizing community-made maps are still encountering unmarked wolf spawns, thus it is adivsed to avoid the deep woods where possible even if a wolf spawn is not marked.
  • Wolves may roam a fair distance from their spawns according to player accounts, though this may be the result of an unmarked spawn rather than a roaming wolf pack.