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"Veresnik" (Name)
Veresnik map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates044 072
Veresnik 4a.jpg
A View of Veresnik

As a small, tree-covered hill south of the International Airfield, there isn't much to say about Veresnik. It is the only real raised land for quite a distance among enormous, flat fields in the northwest corner of Chernarus. Due to the density of the tree cover on the hill, its height cannot be leveraged as much of an advantage, but you can still get a good view of the surrounding area in all directions from the safety of the tree line (and a deer stand facing southwest).

Veresnik's real claim to fame is the military installation in close proximity directly to the north, the two separated by nothing more than a tiny field and a dirt road. This military base contains clothing, weapons, and ammunition of the expected variety and is one of the better places to find camouflage clothing. It is however, just like every other military area of Chernarus, frequented by other players and therefore considered risky.

As a result of the hill and military base being so close, the two combined often form the perfect area for player-on-player battles to occur for control of the loot in the base itself. This scenario has many similarities to the battle of Little Round Top in Gettysburg (in the United States).

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