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Vegetation is a fundamental part of the DayZ Standalone environment similar to animals. There are numerous kinds of plants in Chernarus, some of which can be beneficial to survivors.

General[edit | edit source]

Plants can be found in every part of Chernarus, with the obvious exception of the sea. The vegetation follows the natural order and can be viewed as specifically as evergreen versus deciduous trees, flowers versus bushes, etc.

A large part of the northern area is covered by coniferous or mixed forests, known as the "black forests" because of their depth and inviolateness. The southern part of the Northern Province suffered through thoughtless construction, so that the original coastal fauna and flora can only be found sporadically, mostly aside the mainland. The best known such place is the Skalisty Island, which during the start of the 90's was declared a nature preserve within the frame of the newly declared Zagorie Protected Natural Area.

One important distinction to make regarding plants in Chernarus is their usefulness. While all of them have their place in nature, some plants can be harvested for resources by survivors in order to be crafted into tools or weapons, eaten as food, or turned into a medical resource. Being able to make this distinction could quite literally save your life, or at the very least make surviving easier. In addition to hunting and fishing, gathering plant resources makes it viable to survive while avoiding towns and urban areas.

Two categories of plants can be found below: Landscape, which is all vegetation that occurs naturally across the map, and Player-Grown which is any plant that results specifically from players engaging in Horticulture.

Landscape Vegetation[edit | edit source]

Trees[edit | edit source]

  • ** = this type of tree is a variant only found in seasonal builds of the game (such as 0.52).

Bushes[edit | edit source]

Gathered Resources[edit | edit source]

Tools & Crafting
  • Bark - tree bark such as Oak Bark and Birch Bark can be used as kindling in a Fireplace. Bark can be harvested from suitable trees with bladed weapons.
  • Firewood - can be obtained by chopping down nearly any tree by using an ax or hatchet.
  • Long Wooden Stick - can be obtained by cutting one from almost any tree using a knife.
  • Wooden Stick - can be achieved by splitting firewood or longer sticks, chopping down a bush, or searching the forest floor for kindling.

Player-Grown Vegetation[edit | edit source]

Food Crops[edit | edit source]

Gathered Resources[edit | edit source]

Plants are harvested a number of different ways in DayZ Standalone, and what you are able to do with the resources will vary from plant to plant.

  • Green Peppers - can be harvested from a pepper plant via horticulture.
  • Potatoes - can be harvested from a potato plant via horticulture.
  • Pumpkins - can be harvested from a pumpkin plant via horticulture.
  • Tomatoes - can be harvested from a tomato plant via horticulture.
  • Zucchini - can be harvested from a zucchini plant via horticulture.

Planned Vegetation[edit | edit source]


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