VSS Vintorez

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VSS Vintorez
Category Sniper Rifle
Size 18 Slots (6x3)
Weight 1990 g
Cartridge SP-6 Rounds
Repairable With Weapon Cleaning Kit
Fire Modes Automatic
Dexterity 2.75
Absorbency 10%
Hit 11.0
Health -200
Blood -500
Shock 500
Shock (Head Shot) 20000
Bleed Chance 200%
Magazines 10 Rnd VSS Mag
Optics PSO-1 Scope
PSO-1-1 Scope
Kashtan C-1 Scope
Wraps Ghillie Gun Wrap
Location Helicopter Crash Sites (Mi-8)
Rarity Very Rare
Variants None
Colors None

Integrally supressed sniper rifle, developed in late 80's Soviet Union. Issued to Spetznaz units for clandestine operations.

The VSS Vintorez is a type of weapon in DayZ Standalone.

NOTE: As of Patch 0.62.143758, the VSS Vintorez has an audible gunfire range of 850m, despite being a suppressed weapon. This is presumably a bug, as the VSS Vintorez had a maximum audible gunfire range of 70m in patches previous to 0.62.

NOTE: As of Version 1.0.150000 the VSS Vintorez is not spawning on vanilla servers and any data regarding it may be obsolete.

Background[edit | edit source]

The VSS (Russian: Винтовка Снайперская Специальная, Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or "Special Sniper Rifle", GRAU designation 6P29), also called the Vintorez ("thread cutter"), is a suppressed sniper rifle that uses subsonic armor-piercing SP6 cartridge.

It was developed in the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash and manufactured by the Tula Arsenal. It is issued primarily to Spetsnaz units for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase.

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