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Utes (Russian: Утес) is a small island chain consisting of 2 islands, resting just south of the province of South Zagoria in the Green Sea.

The small island of Utes can be seen in the bottom right corner of the full map of Chernarus

The name of the islands translates from Russian as 'cliff', depicting the islands to be very rocky or mountainous. Originally to be included as part of the Chernarus+ map, as showcased in the February 5, 2013, Devblog, it was removed sometime prior to DayZ's early access release in December of 2013.[1] Utes is depicted to be several kilometers south of Skalisty Island as seen on the full map of Chernarus, which can primarily be found in school buildings. It was also available as the terrain sample in the DayZ Sample package.

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