Topolka Dam

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Topolka Dam
Дамба Тополька
"Topolka Dam"
TopolkaDam map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates102 116
TopolkaDam 7a.jpg
A View of Topolka Dam

One of only two dams in all of Chernarus, Topolka Dam is situated in a valley all by itself between Pusta, Rog Castle, and Elektrozavodsk.

General[edit | edit source]

Although its isolated location may seem to imply this area is safe, it is frequently traveled by new spawns and geared players alike who are heading north/northwest from Elektro to other areas such as Stary Sobor, Veresnik, and the International Airfield.

Topolka itself is not known for loot, but minor loot may spawn there in the few buildings around the lake. Also, there is a small military roadblock just north, up the main road.

Gallery[edit | edit source]