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Most parameters left blank will become hidden.

Name Description Format Notes
name The name of the attachment. Text This should only be used for non-English pages. Leaving it blank will auto-fill the page name.
image The image name. ImageName.ext Do not use wiki markup, just plain text. Example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
version The version or patch that DayZ is currently on when this page is updated Text Defaults to 1.0 if left blank
category The category this attachment falls under. Text Values are: Buttstocks, Handguards, Scopes, Optics, Lights, Suppressors, Compensators, Wraps
usedBy The weapon(s) that use this attachment. [[WeaponName]] Link to the weapon's wiki page
repair If this attachement can be repaired, which tool(s) can be used [[ToolName]] Optional field. Link to the tool's wiki page
power Name of the power source [[PowersourceName]] Optional field. Link to the power source's wiki page. If the power source is optional (i.e. the attachment can function without it, like the PSO-1) use the following after the link to the power source's wiki page: ''<small>(Optional)</small>''
energyUse How much energy is used while this attachment is turned on. Decimal Value Optional field. The tooltip for this parameter will automatically calculate and display the estimated total run time in hours
size The amount of space required to fit the attachment into the player's inventory. Dimensions Format: HorizontalxVertical e.g. 2x2
weight Weight of the attachment in grams. Number The template will calculate the weight in kg and lb and, if at least 1 kg, display the weight in kg and lb. If not, it will display the weight in g and lb. Template will also automatically add the necessary weight symbols (g, kg, lb)
absorbency How much water the attachment absorbs. Number Almost every attachment in DayZ has an absorbency of 0, so leaving this blank is recommended
durability The barrel armor value for muzzle attachments. Number Optional field. Used for muzzle attachments only
dispersion The change to the weapon's dispersion value with this attachment equipped. Decimal Value Optional field
dexterity The change to the weapon's dexterity value with this attachment equipped. Number Optional field
noise Reduction in noise when fired while this attachment is equipped. Percentage Optional field. Convert the soundModifier in the game file to a percentage.
nhealth The amount of Health damage received from a normal attack.
hhealth The amount of Health damage received from a heavy attack.
nblood The amount of Blood damage received from a normal attack.
hblood The amount of Blood damage received from a heavy attack.
nshock The amount of Shock damage received from a normal attack.
hshock The amount of Shock damage received from a heavy attack.
nrange Attack range of the weapon while standing or walking/jogging. Number Applies to both Normal and Heavy attacks
srange Attack range of the weapon while sprinting. Number Automatically performs the Heavy attack animation
bleed Chance that an attack from this weapon will cause a player to bleed. Number This value is a percentage. The template will automatically add the percent (%) symbol.
opticType The type of optic. Text Optional field. Recommended values: Ironsight, Red Dot Sight , Telescopic Sight, Night Vision Sight
zoom The default magnification of this scope. Number Optional field
varZoom If the scope can be zoomed in and out (not holding breath). Text Optional field. Values are: Yes No
zeroing The range of zeroing ranges. Number Range Optional field. Format is [min. zeroing range] - [max. zeroing range] m
useAsBino Whether or not the scope can be used seperately as binoculars. Test Optional field. Values are: Yes No
location Where the attachment can be found. Text If the item is crafted use Crafted (without Bold or Italics)
rarity How likely it is to find the attachment. Text Values are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Extremely Rare. The template will automatically change the font color based on the value set. Defaults to Unknown if left blank.
variants Different versions of this attachment. [[VariantName]] Optional Link to variant's wiki page
description In-game description of the attachment. Text Should be copied from languagecore/stringtable.csv

Empty Template

Copy and paste this onto new or existing attachment pages. If you are unsure of a specific value, leave it blank.

| name		= 
| image		= 
<!--- General Section --->
| version       =
| category	= 
| usedBy	= 
| repair	= 
| power 	= 
| energyUse     = 
<!--- Characteristics Section --->
| size		= 
| weight	= 
| absorbency	=  
| durability    = 
<!--- Modifiers Section --->
| dispersion	= 
| dexterity	= 
| sound 	=  
<!--- Damage --->
| nhealth       = 
| hhealth       = 
| nblood        = 
| hblood        = 
| nshock        = 
| hshock        = 
| nrange        = 
| srange        = 
| bleed         = 
<!--- Optics Sections --->
| opticType	= 
| zoom  	= 
| varZoom	= 
| zeroing	= 
| useAsBino	= 
<!--- Occurrence Section --->
| location	= 
| rarity	= 
| variants	= 
<!-- Description --> 
| description	= 
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