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Inconsistencies between this and the "Towns and Cities" category page[edit source]

I wrote a python parser to get the names and the coordinates of all towns and cities from this wiki. I noticed that there are two pages, that have this information: Towns and Cities and Category:Towns and Cities. Then I was wondering, if the information was the same and started comparing them. My results:

Category:Towns and Cities Towns and Cities
(Windy Village, Ветреная деревня, 043 113) missing
'Petrovka, Петровка, 049 028) missing
(Chernaya Polana, Черная Поляна, 120 015) (Chernaya Polana, Черная Поляна, 120 016)
(Krasnostav, Красностав, 110 030) (Krasnostav, Красностав, 111 030)
(Nizhnoye, Нижнее, 129 074) (Nizhnoye, Нижное, 129 074)
(Severograd, Североград, 078 027) (Severograd, Североград, 079 027)

I'm not comfortable making the decision, which is the correct information, but I thought I let you know my findings.

The first two (Windy Village and Petrovka) are not included on the list page for their own reasons -- Windy Village is not an official town name, it's just what I called it for documentation purposes; and Petrovka is not a location in DayZ SA but rather a historical record of sorts since it was replaced by Novaya Petrovka. The other 4 I have all changed to match at your recommendation :) --Tatanko (talk) 12:10, 19 April 2016 (UTC)

About the 'sector' column[edit source]

Hi, i added a sector colum when i added the missing coordinates. Sector is an easy information for those who are not familiar with coordinates or who do not own a ingame map. The ingame map uses a 100m*100m grid whereas the map we can find on the internet are on a 1km*1km map. I think this can be usefull for people who search for a town and uses this wiki as they will know where to search.

Also, the map is (in theory) 15km * 15km = 225km². So every sector is then 5km * 5km =25 km² (9 sectors * 25 km² = 225 km²).

x [0;50] x [51;100] x [101;150]
y [0;50] North-West North North-East
y [51;100] West Centre East
y [101;150] South-West South South-East
This is a very nice table you made there and the explanation is very good - Would be nice if you would implement it into the GPS page along with short text on how to use the ingame GPS, the XXX YYY and XX YY numbers (Long,Lat). - sEi (Talk) 14:38, 10 June 2012 (MDT)

City/Town conformity[edit source]

I think we need to have all the city/town pages to have a 'similar' look.

  1. Short city/town info as read in any tourist brochure (only few DayZ tangents)
  2. Buildings of Interest (if any)
  • Bulleted
  • list...
  1. DayZ Info (better title?) - For stuff that relates to Survivors and 'MAY' be gossip or factual stuff that could change in a later patch... (We try to keep dayzwiki full of facts and not just 'gossip')
  2. Tactics - How to get to the 'good' stuff text moved to DayZ Info - sEi (Talk) 11:48, 10 June 2012 (MDT)

I go over the pages now and refactor to this!

sEi (Talk) 11:30, 10 June 2012 (MDT)

Good idea! If you lack the time to do this, I may link the locations mentioned in Buildings of Interest to their key locations subpages later this evening. And I want to create a 'Office' subpage, which I'll embed in this move too. - Leucetius 11:56, 10 June 2012 (MDT)

Map?[edit source]

I am not sure when or if we are going to implement at least a rudimentary map like gmap used by the mod here. In the meanwhile FYI the coordinates here can be easily used to link to one of the external maps.

For example: Balota Swamp Балота 045 129 Coastal South-West Town -> link. --AnotherArk (talk) 16:58, 6 November 2014 (UTC)