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This page contains information about a DayZ item that is currently not spawning/craftable, and/or is not functional - but is not a removed or replaced item, in Stable branch.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is not available.
Updated for 1.0
Category Weapons > Melee
Type Blade
Repairable With Sharpening Stone
Duct Tape
Size 12 Slots (2x6)
Weight 2 kg (4 lb)
Fragility Unknown
Absorbency Unknown
Type Normal Heavy
Health 50
Blood 50
Shock 50
Standing Sprinting
Range 1.6
Bleed Chance 100%
Locations Historical
Rarity Rare
Faithful replica of medieval sword. — In-game description

The Sword is arguably the best melee weapon in DayZ Standalone. It does about as much damage as a Firefighter Axe. It is also much more durable than a Firefighter Axe when it comes to use in combat, however many players prefer axes as their primary melee weapon since they can be used to chop wood and takes up less inventory space.