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Stary Yar

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Stary Yar
Старый Яр
"Old Ravine"
StaryYar map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Coordinates049 002
StaryYar 2a.png
A View of Stary Yar
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Stary Yar is a rural village near the northern edge of Chernarus.

General[edit | edit source]

As a fairly spread out village sitting atop the Black Rocks Ridge, Stary Yar has a fair number of houses and a water pump within the town center, with a small graveyard and a pub along the outskirts.

As one of the most northern towns in all of Chernarus, traveling here from the coast can take a considerable amount of time on foot and even in a vehicle. Whilst the lumber yard to the east of the town is typically a favourable base building location, the rest of the town experiences comparatively low Survivor traffic.

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