Soviet Union (USSR)

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Soviet Union (USSR)
Советский Союз (СССР)
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Flag of the Soviet Union (USSR)
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Emblem of the Soviet Union (USSR)
CategoryPre-Outbreak (Pre-1991)
CountryChernarus (Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic)

"Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.." — V. I. Lenin

The Soviet Union known officially as the "Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics" or simply the "USSR", was a global superpower that existed in the real life world and in the Arma Universe until its dissolution in 1991. As the controller of Chernarus for almost seventy years, it is a major part of its history.

General[edit | edit source]

The internationally recognized successor of the Soviet Union is Russia.

The "Soviet Union" was a federal socialist state covering most of Eurasia until its downfall in the year 1991, it consisted of 15 constituent republics (Possibly 16 in the Arma Universe) and Chernarus (As the Chernarussian SSR) being one of the many Soviet republics being landlocked to the main republic of Soviet Union (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic). Chernarus was speculated to have joined the Soviet Union in 1922 like several other post-Soviet countries did, other than invasion. Chernarus was of minuscule size, and probably the smallest republic in the USSR. Before joining it was know to be closely bonded with Russia for a long time like Ukraine or Belarus and underwent a rather quick process of turning into a Soviet republic shortly after the Russian Revolution.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Chernarus during its early years being a Soviet republic other than it taking part in the Great Patriotic War (World War 2), this is the name used commonly in post-Soviet nations, and especially in Russia. It can also be speculated that a sufficient amount of Chernarussian Soviet soldiers died in the war, as the total amount of dead people after the war came around to 20+ million people, the most deaths a nation in World War 2 had was the Soviet Union. WW2 monuments all around South Zagoria (Northeastern Chernarus Province) such as a T-34 tank statue, or soldiers bearing a PPSh-41's in their hands can be seen all around in different towns and cities, the most notable is in the northern city of Severograd.

That statue is the only one of its type, and has names engraved on two sets of tombs accompanied by a typical star in front that is supposed to have an eternal flame for the those who died for the Soviet Union. The man in front end of the statue is holding a Mosin 9130 and is dressed as a member of a Soviet partisan group. These resistance groups existed in other post-Soviet nations like Ukraine and Belarus and helped turn the tide of the Nazi Invasion of the USSR in 1941, and this again can be speculated that Chernarus had many partisans throughout World War 2.

Cold War[edit | edit source]

During the Cold War the USSR came close to using nuclear weapons in a retaliatory strike against the United States. The rogue Soviet generalAleksei Vasilii Guba sent Soviet troops in the Malden islands (North Sea) in Bohemia Interactive's first game (Operation Flashpoint), set in 1985. This was after he went rogue due to being denied power to attempt such a ridiculous attack and the Soviet Union's politburo allowance of more democratic reforms to take place than the traditional communist way like Guba liked. This almost started the third world war, and many Soviet troops and American troops died in this conflict but was resolved not to long after, Guba's statue can be seen in 3 different places in South Zagoria which is known as the Commissar Statue, the reason why his statue is in Chernarus after all those years from the collapse of the Soviet Union is unknown.

Collapse[edit | edit source]

After the last leader of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev was declared the leader of the USSR in 1985, his democratic reforms allowed such freedoms never before seen in the USSR, other republics were doing well until the Soviet economy was almost destroyed from mass spending of weapons, such being nuclear weapons. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the recent and final war the Soviet Union was involved in, the Soviet-Afghan war and many other reasons started to create the downfall and people wanted more freedoms. Communism by this time had died in Europe and Central Asia, and Chernarus gained independence like all the other republics did in 1991. Chernarus was created as a democratic republic, it started off rough and suffered a civil war in Autumn of 2009, which had mainly had been driven by the Communist group known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star that wanted to restore the former soviet lifestyle to the entire country.

Affects To Chernarus In The Modern Perspective[edit | edit source]

The Soviet Union in return did modernized the country due to its size, geographical location, and natural resources. Cities like Elektrozavodsk were created by the Soviet Union to regulate manufacturing and electricity throughout the province of South Zagoria in the Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic. Chernogorsk was a small fishing town before the Soviet Union turned it into a giant fishing port as the means of regulation of sea food through out the USSR, the Green Sea is the major mass of water that surrounds Chernarus. Soviet apartments housed massive amounts of people in order to gain growth of cities like Chernogorsk, the most notable of the Soviet Union affecting the modern day of life was the apartment commuter towns outside Chernogorsk is Dubky, Novoselky, and Chapaevsk. Smaller but more large in size commuter towns can be seen in the city of Novodmitrovsk.

The Chernarussian Civil war of 2009 mainly caused by a communist movement know as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star was inspired by the USSR, by mostly former soviet citizens who felt that they wanted to live in a communist state once again like in their early years, support was rampant in South Zagoria and it left a scar on the nation before the outbreak had taken it's coarse.

Gallery[edit | edit source]