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CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates138 041
A View of Rify

The bay of Rify is the second most northern inlet on the eastern coast of Chernarus (only Guba, at Svetlojarsk, is farther north).

General[edit | edit source]

This particular part of the coast is heavy with large rocks and shallow water, which is likely how a large shipping vessel became stranded and broken there. This Shipwreck is the defining feature of the area, and often attracts newer players who have never seen it before and are running north along the coast.

The ship itself, which is able to be explored to a degree, sometimes contains clothing among other minor loot. Also nearby, directly northwest across the road, is one of the few crashed helicopters in Chernarus.

Several kinds of loot can be found in the five-stories-high ship:

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