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Radio Towers are a type of structure in DayZ Standalone. There are four types of self-supporting towers in Chernarus: small, medium, large and the Green Mountain TV broadcast tower.

Small Radio Tower[edit | edit source]

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The smallest of the four types of radio tower, and are the most common around Chernarus. You will typically find them at the peaks of the hills and mountains dotting the landscape here. They very nearly always have at least one small shed building at their base which may contain some loot. Zombies also occasionally spawn nearby to these towers, so tread lightly.

Medium Radio Tower[edit | edit source]

A larger tower is also seen in Chernarus, notably at Altar and east of the Krasnostav Airstrip at Olsha. It also comes in a grey variant that is currently not found in Chernarus.

Large Radio Tower[edit | edit source]

An even larger tower is also found alongside the Medium Radio Tower at Altar.

Green Mountain TV Broadcast Tower[edit | edit source]

Since the Mod, there has only been one installation of this kind seen in Chernarus, which is located at the small military facility at the peak of Green Mountain. It contains at least three (3) industrial loot spawns, two miscellaneous items on the ground floor with a tendency to spawn a weapon on the balcony above.

The structure consists of a single entrance at its base, which leads into a narrow hallway. After turning right you find a ladder which will take you about halfway up the structure to it's balcony, which circles the entire outside of the Radio Tower, giving an excellent vantage point and good view of the surrounding area.

This is the tallest building in all of Chernarus, and coupled with its location at the height of a mountain, this structure is easily seen from extreme distances in any direction where there is a line of sight -- farther than any other single location in the game. This makes it not only easy to find, but also a good reference point in setting your bearings for travel.