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Gas Stove
Version 0.63
Category Equipment
Repairable With None
Size 12 Slots (4x3)
Weight 170 g (0.37 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Camping
Rarity Unknown
A specially designed cooking stove that is portable and lightweight for use in camping, picnicking, backpacking, or in remote locations where an easily transportable means of cooking or heating is needed. — In-game description

The Gas Stove is a piece of equipment in DayZ Standalone. It is used in conjunction with Gas Canisters to cook food inside of a Cooking Pot or Frying Pan.

Cooking with a Portable Gas Stove[edit | edit source]

  • You need to combine a Portable Gas Stove with a Gas Canister. Then you can choose between a Frying Pan or Cooking Pot in order to cook with it.
  • Place the food you wish to cook (raw meat, produce) into the container of choice. Notice: Ignition will not start when the container is out of water.
  • Ignite the stove by choosing the option "Turn On" when looking at the stove, or by right-clicking the stove in your inventory screen. There is no need for Matches in order to turn the stove on.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Attaching a Gas Canister
Gas Canister Small.png
PortableGasStove Small.png
Gas Canister Medium.png
PortableGasStove Medium.png
Gas Canister Large.png
PortableGasStove Large.png
Attaching a Cooking Pot
PortableGasStove Large.png
Cooking Pot.png
PortableGasStove CookingPot.png

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