Pistol Flashlight

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Pistol Flashlight
Category Attachments > Illumination
Weapon(s) 1911, 1911 Engraved, CR75, FNX45, Glock 19
Size 1 Slot
Capacity 1x Alkaline Battery 9V
Weight 118 g
Absorbency 0%
Locations Police, Military East, Military West
Rarity Uncommon
Colours None
Variants None
A flashlight attachable to any pistol with an available rail mount. Provides tactical advantage. — In-game description

The Pistol Flashlight is a weapon attachment in DayZ Standalone.

It is not often used by players due to the light giving their position away, but the Pistol Flashlight works like a normal flashlight attached to the end of your pistol illuminating the direct area in front of you.

NOTE: This flashlight needs a Alkaline Battery 9V attached to it in order for it to function.

Attaching the Pistol Flashlight to any pistol will not allow it to be stored in the Chest Holster. This may have been due to clipping issue.