Pik Kozlova

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Pik Kozlova
Пик Козлова
"Peak Kozlova"
PikKozlova map.png
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Coordinates088 125
PikKozlova 7c.jpg
A View of Pik Kozlova

Pik Kozlova (Cyrillic: Пик Козлова) is a mountain in Chernarus. Possibly the rockiest mountain in all of Chernarus, Pik Kozlova is often used as a landmark for travelling along the coast as it is directly next to the main road is roughly half the walking distance between the major activity hubs of Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk. The mountain itself has no loot to speak of, but it is directly across the road from Cap Golova which does have several lootable buildings. There are also a few more buildings directly south of the mountain, including one with a water fountain. All of this, combined with its well-known status as a landmark, makes Pik Kozlova the ultimate travel stop when travelling the coast.

Due to the high grade of most sides of the mountain, it is slow and difficult to scale. Players are rewarded with an excellent view of the coast (and approaching players) if they make the climb however.

History[edit | edit source]

The Pik Kozlova is named after duke Kozlov, who is considered a founder of the first Chernarussian state. On the peak above the city there used to stand a warning post which protected the local provinces from pirate raids. Nowdays this rocky peak was a favorite lookout point, at least until the zombie apocalypse happened.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

  • ^ fictional history of Chernarus. that was the setting for both ArmA II and DayZ design. Based on the assumption that DayZ takes place in a branching timeline after the Events of Arma2.