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PSO-1-1 Scope

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PSO-1-1 Scope
Category Attachments > Sights and Optics
Weapon(s) AK101, AK74, AKM, VSD, VSS Vintorez
Size 6 Slots (3x2)
Weight 600 g
Absorbency 0%
Dispersion -0.000125
Locations Military East, Military West
Rarity Common
Colours None
Variants PSO-1 Scope, PSO-1-1 Scope
Marksman telescopic sight with fixed 4x magnification and ballistic compensation in range from 100m to 400m. Will fit all weapons with the standard AK sidemount. — In-game description

The PSO-1-1 Scope is a weapon attachment in DayZ Standalone. It is has a 3.6x magnification, an inbuilt rangefinder for 5'8" targets at 100m-400m, and a single central chevron as the primary aimpoint. Unlike most optical attachments, the PSO-1-1 Scope zeroes in increments of 50m, from 100m to 400m.

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