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A View of Novigrad

The city of Novigrad is the capital of Chernarus set outside of the current Chernarus+ boundries and is located southwest of Chernarus. The capital is can be found on a map in the local high school buildings in DayZ Standalone, this map is also the exact same map from Arma II, most people who play DayZ standalone assume the capital of Chernarus is Chernogorsk.

Map Of Full Chernarus[edit | edit source]

ArmA2 Chernarus factbook map.jpg
The map displayed on the left shows all the other cities set outside of the current Chernarus+ border, As seen at the bottom of the map is the capital of Chernarus, Novigrad. The capital has only one connection to the Standalone and same applies to Arma II but may be featured in the future.