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A typical zombie

Zeds, otherwise known as zombies, are the inhabitants of the post-Soviet satellite state of Chernarus which have succumbed to an infection that has devastated most of the world's population. They feed on players and are able to hear and see them. Getting too close, using a bright light source at night, and making too much noise will draw them to a player. About 35% of Zeds have loot on them.

On civilian Zeds you can find Canned Food, Soda cans, Empty Soda cans and Empty Whiskey Bottles, and rounds for common weapons like the Makarov PM and Lee Enfield.

On military Zeds you can find ammo for rare weapons, for example AK or STANAG rounds. They also have a chance of dropping HE and Smoke Grenades.

Types of Zed[edit | edit source]

  • Walkers: These Zeds stand upright and walk slowly. They run very fast at the player and are often hard to hit. They are the most common type of Zed.
  • Hoppers: These Zeds are crouched and hop towards the player at a medium speed flailing their arms once aggroed, they can be hard to see and often blend in with grass on approach.
  • Crawlers: These Zeds are the rarest and are in prone position, they can be very difficult to see in the grass and are the quickest of Zeds when they aren't aggroed. However, this is the slowest Zed when they are aggroed. These may be mistaken as players from a distance because of their similar animations.
  • Viral Zeds: Viral Zeds were added to version 1.7.7 of DayZ. They are identifiable by a significant amount of blood on their shirts. Their attack is 3 times the damage of normal Zeds. This type of Zed has the same amount of blood as a normal survivor (12000).

Zed Facts[edit | edit source]

Zed Spawns[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds can spawn from almost every kind of building, and they can also spawn inside them.
  • When approaching a spawn zone (buildings) with no other players nearby, Zeds will spawn and start heading towards the player's general direction.

Idle Zeds[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds have a programmed propensity to move towards a nearby player; they will continuously sense and move towards a nearby player's general location after a short while after arriving in their spawn zones, which can be observed if remaining in a town or other heavily built area for long periods.
  • Zeds investigate lit fireplaces and other sources of light such as flares up to 300m from their position. However, Zeds cannot detect flashlights.
  • Zeds will investigate thrown items and smoke grenades at shorter distances.

Aggressive Zeds[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds will always close in and attack the closest player, and will change targets if another player is closer to them than the original target.
  • Zeds are not socially active, or grouped, so aggroing of one Zed will not cause others to aggro.
  • Zeds can be lost by breaking their line of sight, but they will continue to investigate players' last known locations and the area; going prone after leaving their sight can lose Zeds, especially during nightime.
  • Zeds stop chasing players when they are more than 300m away.

Zed Movement[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds can climb ladders, open doors, climb over (or glitch through) some objects, and crawl under fences and walls.
  • Zeds currently must walk when they are indoors, making large warehouses and other open buildings ideal for losing them.
  • Zeds are extremely slow at climbing steep hills, allowing a chance for the player to break their line of sight.
  • It is possible to shake Zeds by zigzagging through evergreen trees, breaking the Zed line of sight and crouch/crawl away.
  • Zeds currently will not go anywhere over water (piers, wharves, etc).

Zed Damage[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds do little damage on their own but often cause status effects like bleeding, pain, or Broken Bones; and, occasionally, Infection.
  • Zeds can knock you Unconscious in one hit if you're under 9000 blood, or if the hit took you under 9000 blood.
  • Zed swarms attacking players in a building may very rarely destroy the building.
  • Zeds can hit you (and you can hit them with a melee weapon) when they may appear to be too far away.

Zed Health[edit | edit source]

  • Zeds have about 4400 blood.

Zed pathfinding[edit | edit source]

Zed are spawned by the server and every client receives their position from the server.

Once Zed are alerted to your presence and actively start chasing you, your client takes over the Zed's pathfinding; this is sent to the server and relayed to other players. Because of this mechanic Zeds can often lag, even at low latencies to the server.

This is performed to ease the AI pathfinding load on the server.