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Stacks of1
Inventory Slots1
Effect(s) on PlayerQuenching Players thirst (100%)
Effect(s) on ZombiesN/A
Total VolumeUnknown or Not Applicable
EnergyUnknown or Not Applicable
WaterUnknown or Not Applicable
Nutritional IndexUnknown or Not Applicable

The Water Bottle is a reusable item in DayZ that fully replenishes thirst.

Information[edit | edit source]

A bottle of water that has been filtered and can be consumed.
~ In-game description

The Water Bottle is commonly found in Grocery Stores in major cities such as Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk, but can be found in any Residential loot pile, such as those found in houses.

Drinking from a Water Bottle will completely replenish thirst and will add an Empty Water Bottle to the player's inventory which can then be refilled at a Pond, Lake, Water Well or any source of Fresh Water. Water Bottles cannot be refilled from the sea, as sea water is not potable. Note that drinking unboiled water contains the risk of catching an Infection. Boiling Water is done with a full Water Bottle, a lit Fireplace and an Empty Tin Can.

A broken version of the Water Bottle can commonly be found in the same locations as the working variety, and can be repaired using Duct Tape.

The Water Bottle uses one inventory space, both in the main inventory and the Backpack.

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