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Road Flare
RangeThrown / M203 Launcher 200m+
Stacks of10
Inventory Slots1
Effect(s) on Player*Will provide light in a large radius ~30m
  • Can be seen glowing from up to 1km
  • Can blind NVG users
Effect(s) on Zombies*Zombies are often attracted to flares
Duration5 Minutes
Location(s)Policemen Zombies, All loot except Medical
RarityVery Common
Total VolumeUnknown or Not Applicable
EnergyUnknown or Not Applicable
WaterUnknown or Not Applicable
Nutritional IndexUnknown or Not Applicable

Road flares are a very bright source of light found in all areas in Chernarus. A road flare will be extremely bright, and very risky to use, as zombies from far away will see it, and players can see flares from kilometers away. It is recommended to use Chemlights for positioning at night, as they will attract far fewer zombies and players.