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A satellite image of Lingor Island.

Lingor Island is a South-American inspired tropical map used on unofficial DayZ servers. Lingor Island is slightly smaller than Chernarus. Where Chernarus is 14x12, Lingor Island is 10x10. Additionally, there is a much higher concentration of military grade (General Military, Barracks, Heli Crash Site) loot.

Differences in Lingor Island[edit | edit source]

  • Can refuel a car at a gas station simply by parking near the pumps.
  • DMR sniper rifle is zero-able.
  • DMR loses the ability to work with Night Vision.
  • New skins. (i.e. Bandit skin back - You will lose your ghillie suit if you kill someone and log back in.)
  • Humanity system bug - If you're at 0 long enough, you lose your backpack completely.
  • Many more vehicles.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Method One

  1. Install the DayZCommander (Instructions: Mod:How to install DayZ))
  2. Go to "install/update"
  3. Update Lingor
  4. Filter the servers by "Lingor"
  5. Select a server and play!

Method Two

  1. Have Arma 2 and Arma 2 operation arrowhead installed, the latest DayZ patch and the latest beta patch (you need this to play the normal map so you should have this already)
  2. Download: open it up and put contents (@dayz_lingor, @dayz_lingor_island) in your Operation Arrowhead folder. Choose to overwrite existing files. If using Steam, the default path is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead - (non-steam default path is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2)
  3. Start your game with shortcut "Launch Arma2 OA Beta Patch" (found in default install path) - (Steam Players with Combined Operations, start with -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;ca;@dayz_lingor_island;@dayz_lingor)
  4. From in-game Menu, choose "Expansions" and "Enable" all three Lingor mods.
  5. Choose "Yes" to restart game.
  6. From in-game Menu, choose "Multiplayer" and then "Filter" - set mission to "dayz lingor" and apply.
  7. ENJOY!
Screenshot showing the flora and building types of Lingor Island.