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Lee Enfield
Weapon Lee Enfield.png
Magazine Size 10
Ammo Type(s) .303 British
Magazine Type(s) Lee Enfield Mag
Damage 6722 Blood
Fire Modes Semi
Shots to Kill body:

head: 1

Effective Range 400m
Rate of Fire Moderate
Recoil Moderate/High
Noise Very High
Zeroing No
Location(s) Residential/Civilian, Farms
Rarity Common
Attachments None
Alternate version(s) N/A

The Lee-Enfield is a .303 bolt-action rifle that was used by the British Empire and Commonwealth from 1895 to 1957. The particular model in-game was introduced in 1940. It is a weapon that can be commonly found throughout Chernarus. This weapon is arguably the most frequently found weapon in the mod.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Lee-Enfield is a long, powerful weapon, typical of Military rifles of its era. has a quite slow fire rate and is extremely powerful. The noise generated from firing the Enfield has earned it the title "Dinner Bell": firing it will gain the attention of many zombies within a large radius. This is known as "ringing the dinner bell." As such, it is recommended to fire this rifle outside the vicinity of zombie hotspots (towns, cities).

The Lee-Enfield is capable of knocking a player unconscious in two shots, with three shots being a confirmed kill. Using iron sights, it is very easy to hit human-sized targets up to 400m. This makes the Lee-Enfield especially effective when the user has the option of firing the first shot, allowing them to potentially win a gunfight with only two rounds.

Because of it's high damage and accuracy, the Lee-Enfield is one of the few civilian weapons capable of competing with military-grade rifles, especially in the open country side. However it's long length (77cm), and it's slow bolt-action system (where the next round has to be manually chambered by the user) means this is not a weapon recommended for indoor or general CQC use.

The Lee-Enfield is best used between distances of 100m-400m, (bearing in mind the need for aiming over the target at longer range). Using the Lee-Enfield in such a manner allows you to take advantage of the reasonably long effective range (400m, the second longest of all the weapons found in civilian loot spawns aside from the CZ550.) This also allows for the Lee-Enfield to be fired from outside a settlement at players inside, reducing the chances of the user being heard by players and/or zombies.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

The Lee-Enfield only accepts 10-round Lee-Enfield Mags.