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Mod:International Airfield

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This page covers the Mod version of DayZ. For information on the Standalone see International Airfield

Chernarus Int. Airfield viewed from South
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Mod:Chernarus International Airfield (NW):

  • Is currently the only location on the map with Barracks.
  • Has the highest number of military buildings and military loot spawns on Chernarus.
  • Is a known spawn point of Mod:UH-1H Huey.

Please Note: As of update the spawn locations for Hueys have been changed and only one Huey will spawn on each server. Visit the Mod:Vehicles page for the updated spawn points.

This is a common area for most players to go to and acquire military or high quality gear. Some players use this to their advantage and wait for unsuspecting players to kill and loot.

There are two barracks that can be looted for some of the best gear in the game. One is at the south-west side of the airfield to the far right of the group of buildings, the other is on the east side of the airstrip about half way up (more north than the control tower and fire station).

The airfield also contains eight hangars with three loot locations in each, a firestation, a control tower, as well as several industrial type buildings.

Bandits will often hide in the traffic control tower to snipe Survivors, as well as hiding inside the barracks, picking up easy kills on unsuspecting scavengers. Another popular location for snipers to hide, especially those equipped with ghillie suits, is in the tree line along the western edge of the airstrip near the wall. (See the patch of trees directly across the landing strips from the control tower, clearly visible in the aerial photo below.) This location gives them an excellent shot on the ATC tower, the front of the firestation, and a number of the hangars, as well as the north barracks depending on how they position themselves. Because of this, caution is always warranted when approaching any of the buildings in the NW airfield. Whenever possible go in a group and have someone watch these potential sniper nests with binoculars or, better yet, a sniper rifle of their own.

Aerial Shot[edit | edit source]

Aerial shot of International Airfield