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Mod:Green Mountain

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This page covers the Mod version of DayZ. For information on the Standalone see Green Mountain

The view of the Green Mountain complex from outside the gate.

Green Mountain is a large hill to the northeast of Zelenogorsk. The primary point of interest at Green Mountain is the radio tower which is by far the tallest building in Chernarus, easily visible quite far away.

Because of the good visibility of the surrounding area offered by the tower, it can be home to bandits and survivors alike. Zombies spawn near the complex, but since Green Mountain is far removed from any other zombie-populated areas, players will more than likely be able to get away with using guns to dispatch them without alerting other zombies.

Green Mountain Radio Transmissions: Fact or Fiction?[edit | edit source]

There are supposed radio transmissions coming from Green Mountain. The recording is on a loop and plays every several minutes to players who have a Mod:Radio. The recording appears to be related to the outbreak of the virus which lead to the current state of Chernarus. The numbers heard are grid references, some of which are the location of deer stands. Some people believe this recording to be a hoax, however it has still become a part of the meta DayZ storyline.

Recording of the radio transmissions:

The Morse code translates to: We are no longer alive STOP This message will play every hour if operators are no longer responsive STOPMESSAGE Unable to quarantine subject change STOPMESSAGE This is followed by a roar, which is believed to be a zombie.

The coordinates heard are: 048107 048107 049047 049047 034051 034051 023107 023107 022110 022110 017121 017121 054074 054074 063087 063087 040093 040093 039108 039108 036091 036091 032090 032090

The coordinates map deer stands on the west side of Chernarus. All but one exactly point onto one. 023/107 is off or no known deer stand is available there. There is no visible pattern if one connects the coordinates on a map in the given order.

It is confirmed you cannot hear the radio transmission with the DayZ Mod disabled. It is not confirmed whether it can be heard in-mod or not.