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A small gas station just outside of Mod:Pogorevka
A large gas station just West of Mod:Elektrozavodsk

There are many gas stations located around Mod:Chernarus. They are usually found at intersections or on the outskirts of some Towns.

There are two types of gas stations in Chernarus; small, quick stop stations with only one fuel pump, and large multiple car refueling stations sheltered by a roof accompanied by a large sign and small building. Small gas stations spawn considerably less Mod:Loot and Mod:Zombies than larger ones.

Gas stations are useful for finding Mod:Vehicles, Mod:Engine Parts, Mod:Fuel Tank Parts, or Mod:Jerry Cans but can sometimes be overrun with Mod:Zombies.

  • Vehicles found at gas stations usually require repairs and have to be refueled before they can be used.
  • Not all gas stations will allow you to refill your Mod:Jerry Can, only ones with large fuel tanks.
  • Many fuel tanks can be found away from gas stations and will not be on the ingame map.