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Fallujah is a map consisting of a Large city in the middle of the map and an airfield at the south east. The airfield contains 28 Barracks and up to 10 Helicopter spawns. The City itself contains an industrial park with 12 Large industrial buildings. The city consists of small residential areas and supermarkets scattered around the city. Although there are only three hospitals in the city there are two other on the west of the city. Players will head straight to the airfield for high-grade military loot, so staying near the outside of the city near the airfield is not recommended for early players.


Fallujah includes more vehicles including Helicopters. Fallujah is known to include:

• MV-22s

• CH-47s

• MH-6Js

• UH-1Ys

• UH-1Hs

• Military Humvee's

• Military Pickups (Contains a weapon on the back)

• Many Other Civilian Vehicles


• Don't go to the airfield unless you are geared

• Scavenge around the outside of the city

• Don't head directly to vehicles around the city


The file can be found on DayZ Commander

This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Fallujah