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Cooked Meat
Item Steak Cooked.png
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots


Use to

Restore a player's nutrition and blood levels.

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) On dead Animals.
Rarity N/A

Rabbit, Chicken, Goat, Boar, Sheep, Cow, Seabass, Trout, Tuna

Cooked meat is created by cooking Raw Meat in a Fireplace or on a lit Oil Barrel. Raw Meat can be looted from Animals that have been gutted with a Hunting Knife.

The following animals drop meat:

Animal type Quanity of meat Total blood points (raw) Total blood points (cooked)
Rabbit 2 meat 200 blood 1000 blood
Chicken 2 meat 200 blood 1000 blood
Goat 4 meat 100 blood 400 blood
Boar 4 meat 150 blood 400 blood
Sheep 4 meat 100 blood 400 blood
Cow 6 meat 100 blood 600 blood
Seabass 1 meat 400 blood 1400 blood
Trout 1 meat 100 blood 1000 blood
Tuna 1 meat 500 blood 2000 blood