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This page covers the Mod version of DayZ. For information on the Standalone see Balota

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Balota viewed from South

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Coordinates 045 129

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Balota Airstrip viewed from South East

Like most other coastal locations Balota is often frequented by players. Balota hosts the southern Airstrip and has a military camp on the east entrance. Balota is based off the Russian word for swamp (болота or bolota)

In real life Balota is the name of several villages in Romania, as well as the name of the river Balota.

Buildings of InterestEdit

  • Air control tower
  • Hangars
  • Harbor Warehouse
  • Military Camp

DayZ InfoEdit

Balota consists of a small township and dock on the southern coast of Chernarus. It features a small airfield with an Air Control Tower and two Hangars that can spawn military gear to the north east of the town. To the immediate south of the runway is a small Military camp, consisting of army tents and Deer Stands. Balota is the closest location to new spawns on the south coast that allows players to gear up quickly, but can be often targeted by Bandits.

Aerial ShotEdit