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Item Antibiotics.png
Stacks of up to 6
Inventory slots


Use to

Cure infections

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) Hospitals, Heli Crash Sites
Rarity uncommon


Antibiotics are medical items in DayZ that are used to treat infection.

Information[edit | edit source]

Azithromycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat or prevent certain bacterial infections.
~ In-game description

Antibiotics are the only item that can treat an infection. They can be found in medical loot like hospitals and tents, as well as infected doctors and helicopter crashsites.

A player has a chance of getting infected when hit by a Zombie, (Though this can be cured using wipes or sepsis bandage within the first 15 minutes) when drinking un-purified water, when your temperature gets too low or when near an already infected Player who has reached the stage of spreading their infection (Sepsis).

An infected player continuously loses blood at a rate of 3 blood per second. If left untreated, players can die from an infection.

Antibiotics can also be applied to another player which rewards you with +20 humanity.

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