Mine (Kamensk)

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Mine (Kamensk)
Мине (Каменск)
"Mine (Kamensk)"
MineKamensk map.png
CategoryLocations > Industrial Areas
Coordinates070 007
MineKamensk 3d.jpg
A View of Mine (Kamensk)

This mine was added as a cave in the Stable release of DayZ 0.50, but changed drastically in 0.52.

General[edit | edit source]

Although its initial implementation was a huge cavernous area, as of 0.52 this facility no longer has an enterable tunnel. In its place is a more developed complex of industrial buildings and equipment. There is one large building that cannot be entered either in addition to lots of construction equipment and various rail cars. A civilian barracks on the east side of the area will spawn military grade loot.

In 0.50, this was the single largest "underground" area in all of Chernarus. It followed a large, open path to the back of the cave. In several spots there were holes in the top of the cave that allowed sunlight in. There was a junction near the middle of the cave that created quite a big open space that could have been inhabited by survivors quite effectively. It is unknown why it was decided to seal off this mine.

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