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Military Camps are smaller installations than their counterpart Military Bases, and as of currently are only adjacent to major airfields or other landmark areas. Camps are defined by their lack of traditional buildings; a camp is a city of Military Tents, lookout towers, and makeshift structures, but they don't usually contain any formal buildings.

They are highly frequented areas due to their high concentration of military loot, but because of their unclear overview they are a difficult area for fights. It is advised to position a sniper if possible and vice versa to check for snipers.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are currently two large Military Camps in Chernarus:

  1. Military Camp at the International Airfield
  2. Military Camp near Tisy

Along with fourteen smaller camps spread throughout the map:

  1. Evacuation Site at Bay Tikhaya
  2. Evacuation Site at Berezino
  3. Evacuation Site near Chernogorsk (between Novoselki and Vystovo)
  4. Evacuation Site at Chernogorsk
  5. Evacuation Site near Dubrovka
  6. Evacuation Site at Elektrozavodsk
  7. Evacuation Site at Novy Lug
  8. Evacuation Site near Severograd
  9. Evacuation Site near Sosnovka
  10. Evacuation Site at Staroye
  11. Evacuation Site at Stary Sobor
  12. Evacuation Site at Topolka Dam
  13. Evacuation Site at Turovo
  14. Evacuation Site at the Western Border
  15. Evacuation Site near Myshkino

Buildings[edit | edit source]

The following are types of structure (note: not buildings) which spawn military loot and define what a Military Camp is:

Loot[edit | edit source]

These areas are characterized by a concentration of general military loot, with attachments, some backpacks, and often even medical supplies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]