Military Base (Kamensk)

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Military Base (Kamensk)
Военная база (Каменск)
Military Base "Stone"
MilitaryBaseKamensk map.png
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Coordinates077 005
MilitaryBaseKamensk 2a.jpg
A View of Military Base (Kamensk)

The Kamensk military base is located in the north of Chernarus, near the city of the same name. The base itself is unmarked and can be easily missed if you don't pay attention. It lies to the east of Kamensk and directly north of Severograd. The base is mostly left untouched as it is very well hidden.

This base previously had a different layout, with 4 giant stone hangars and the prison & barracks buildings were beside each other.

Buildings of Interest[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

There were once several underground areas at this base, which became sealed off as of 0.57. One still remains in the southeast corner, but it cannot be accessed. The other three are gone indefinitely, but have been preserved here with their own article.

Because of the enigmatic characteristic of the underground areas as well as the visibly clandestine nature of the pile of bodies being stored underground, many players have speculated on the possibility of this base actually being ground zero in regards to the outbreak. The idea has been popularized by fans and many roleplaying servers have based their own version of the game's lore on the Kamensk military base more or less being where the outbreak started, although no such claim has ever been verified by the developers; most likely due to a desire to have the game's lore open to individual interpretation.

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