Les Corneilles

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Les Corneilles
Les Corneilles.png
Category Equipment > Books
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Read Online Project Gutenberg
Author J.-H. Rosny
Language French
Genre Fiction

Les Corneilles is a 1888 novel by J.-H. Rosny. Madeleine Vacreuse, daughter of Louis and Jeanne, organized a party. Just out of board, she is promised to Victor de Semaise. Jacques Laforge attends this evening and can not help being moved by the beauty of the girl. Jeanne Vacreuse and Pierre Laforge, their parents, were happy together and had to get married. But, during a short absence of Peter, Jeanne accepted the hand of another man who asserted the promise of a beautiful social status. Jeanne and Pierre have thus married each on their own side, and have educated their children by inculcating the hatred of the other. This is the first time their children have met.