L'enfer (1 of 2)

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L'enfer (1 of 2)
L'enfer (1 of 2).png
Category Equipment > Books
Properties See: Books
Read Online Project Gutenberg
Author Dante Alighieri
Language French (translated)
Genre Play

L'enfer (1 of 2) is an Italian Comedy written between 1265 and 1321 by Dante Alighieri. It appears as the founding work of Italian poetry. Hell is the first part of a journey that must lead the poet from infernal darkness to divine light. Guided by the famous Latin poet Virgil, his mentor, Dante ventures into the kingdom of sinners and crosses the nine infernal circles that make up the symbolic architecture of Hell where capital sins are punished by more or less punishments Cruel. It rushes closer to Evil and, in parallel to a Christian symbol, draws up a catalog of all the evils endured by the damned.