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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:International Airfield
International Airfield
Международный аэродром
"International Aerodrome"
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Coordinates045 050
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A View of International Airfield

The International Airfield, Vybor Air Base, or, as it is more commonly known, the Northwest Airfield (NWAF), is a large airfield in Chernarus and a common area for Survivors to acquire military or otherwise high-quality gear. This also makes it one of the most dangerous.

General[edit | edit source]

The International Airfield is, as it name suggests, a military air base consisting of an approx. 1.5km long runway, a parallel taxiway, and several military installations along its length. With its impressive footprint on the landscape, it is easily the largest facility of its kind. The airfield borders the towns of Grishino, Lopatino, and Vybor, which indirectly causes said towns to experience similar banditry and high player traffic.

Due to its popularity among players, Bandits are often a rampant threat with the ability to position themselves atop the tall military structures after arming themselves with sniper rifles. Therefore, caution should be exercised when approaching any of the buildings within the compound, and the surrounding perimiter wall. It is advisable to organize a group of Survivors who can assist with cover and reconnaissance instead of approaching on one's own.

History[edit | edit source]

Reportedly, shortly after WWII, the small Red Army airport in the northern province of South Zagoria was designated for parachute training. It eventually expanded, and gradually evolved into an air base with large military installations and structures. In the border mountains, there are a few former Soviet bases. After Chernarus gained independence from the USSR, the newly created Chernarussian Defence Forces acquired all former Soviet Red Army installations and weapons, including the International Airfield.

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

The International Airfield's perimiter walls encompass more than just the airstrip. Within the base are numerous barracks, hangars, industrial buildings, ATC facilities, and other unique buildings that populate the site.

Bashnya[edit | edit source]

Southwest Barracks
Inside the ATC Tower
Training Course

 Main Article: Military Base (Bashnya)

The military complex at Bashnya is connected to the main airfield via an access road. It lies atop the Bashnya hill, which suitably accomodates the Radar Building, some garages, and eight barracks. It is one of the most visited locations on-site due to its proximity to the north and ample loot supply.

Military Camp[edit | edit source]

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North of the crashed C130J cargo plane, at the top end of the airstrip is a modestly-sized military camp. It is surrounded by flat land and therefore creates a target for snipers and scouting enemies.

Southwest Barracks[edit | edit source]

The Southwest Barracks encompasses a large compound at the bottom of the airstrip. Similar to that of a small town, this compound contains many double-storey barracks, houses, and an Airfield Headquarters. It has a grid-like structure with a large boulevard splitting it down the centre. Its apparent pre-Outbreak use is for accomodation of CDF troops and offering amenities and services to supplement those outside of the base.

Airfield East[edit | edit source]

Along the east of the airfield are several utility areas for the maintenance of aircraft as well as the main Air Traffic Control facilities and some barracks scattered around them. This is also where the bulk of the aircraft shelters are found, entrenched under grass mounds.

Ranges[edit | edit source]

At the South, there are a few military tents and barracks to accompany a forested training site complete with an obstacle course, firing ranges, and a kill house. It is clear that further expansion was planned by the presence of a construction site and crane.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible that the original layout of the airstrip was based upon the Hradčany Air Base, an airfield near the municipality of Povry, where Chernarus was conceptualized.
  • The International Airfield was completely re-imagined and expanded upon in the 0.63 update, with added buildings and locations to expand upon the original linear layout.