Ice Hockey Stick

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Ice Hockey Stick
IceHockeyStick A.png
Category Weapons > Melee
Size 7 Slots (1x7)
Weight 650 g
Repairable With None
Absorbency 0%
Fragility 2.0%
Melee Range 1.6 m
Swing Time 0.5 secs.
Type Bat
Health -10
Blood -10
Shock 80
Shock (Head Shot) 6000
Bleed Chance 40%
Locations Civilian
Rarity Uncommon
Variants A, B, C, D
Ice hockey stick, made of wood, used in the sport of ice hockey to navigate puck by players. Using the hockey stick as a weapon during a match is strictly forbidden. — In-game description

The Ice Hockey Stick is a type of melee weapon in DayZ Standalone.

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