Hunting Knife

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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife
Category Weapons > Melee
Size 2 Slots (1x2)
Weight 200 g
Repairable With Small Stone
Absorbency 0%
Melee Range 1.1 m
Swing Time 0.5 secs.
Type Slash
Health -20
Blood -20
Shock 10
Shock (Head Shot) 100
Bleed Chance 100%
Locations Hunting, Camping
Rarity Rare
Variants None
A hunting knife is a knife used during hunting for preparing the game to be used as food: skinning the animal and cutting up the meat. — In-game description

The Hunting Knife is melee weapon in DayZ Standalone. This knife can be used to skin and process any wildlife that you hunt, allowing you to obtain meat and other animal products.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Hunting Knife was mentioned in the changelog of 0.49 but wasn't introduced into the game until 0.52.