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Guba Bay Ingame Map.jpeg
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates143 021
Guba 2a.jpg
A View of Guba

The bay of Guba is almost entirely industrialized due to its proximity to Svetlojarsk. Very little of the natural coastline remains, as most of it is a docking area for shipping vessels. Guba serves no other purpose to players than as a sea inlet for Svetlojarsk, as it is directly next to the city.

Aerial Shot[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aleksei Vasilii Guba was a rogue Soviet general and the main antagonist in the ARMA: Operation Flashpoint series, and his last name Guba (Губа) is a very possible reference to this bay in Chernarus, considering the fact that Chernarus was apart of the Soviet Union.
  • This is possibly one of several references to older ARMA titles or a part of the entire lore. Since all the ARMA games and DayZ take place in the ARMA Universe in some form, they are tied in with each other.