Evacuation Site (Stary Sobor)

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Evacuation Site (Stary Sobor)
Зона эвакуации (Старый Собор)
EvacuationSite map.png
CategoryLocations > Military Camps
Coordinates063 075
EvacuationSite 1a.jpg
A View of Evacuation Site (Stary Sobor)

This military camp is located on the northern side of Stary Sobor.


Possibly used in the past as a staging area for evacuating civilians from Chernarus, this camp is more fortified than the one in the west, but not quite on the level of the camp at the airfield. It is the smallest of the three camps, but due to the nature of the loot available there, it is still a destination for survivors looking for high-end gear. It is an ideal stopping point for those heading north from the coast, but that also makes it a dangerous spot to stay put for too long.

Buildings of Interest



  • This location was added in the 0.57 update.