Evacuation Site (Bay Tikhaya)

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Evacuation Site (Bay Tikhaya)
Зона эвакуации (Бyхта Тихая)
EvacuationSiteBayTikhaya map.png
CategoryLocations > Military Camps
Coordinates008 134
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A View of Evacuation Site (Bay Tikhaya)

This military camp is located west of the town of Kamenka along the shores of Bay Tikhaya. Judging by it's location, this military camp was most likely a main connection route for relief efforts heading out from South Zagoria into Central Kopec.

General[edit | edit source]

Similar to other small-ish camps found throughout Chernarus, this outpost was most likely a staging area for the evacuation of the region. This camp probably provided critical medical attention and slowed the path of the Infected.

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  • This location was added in the 0.61 update.