Drybag Backpack

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Drybag Backpack
Yellow Drybag.png
Category Clothing > Backpacks
Inventory Slot Back
Size 30 Slots (5x6)
Capacity 63 Slots (9x7)
Hotbar Bonus 0 Slot(s)
Weight 600 g
Absorbency 24.9%
Repairable With Duct Tape, Sewing Kit
Insulation 0.5
Locations Civilian
Rarity Rare
Variants Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
A watertight backpack. However unfavorable the weather conditions may be, gear stays dry whilst being carried. — In-game description

The Drybag Backpack is a large-sized backpack found primarily in civilian locations. It is waterproof, keeping your items dry from the rain and other sources of water. They can be found at the small wooden boats scattered across the coast, along with a non-backpack, the Drysack.

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