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Disinfectant Spray

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Disinfectant Spray
Version 0.63
Category Medical
Size 3 Slots (1x3)
Weight 50 g (0.11 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Kitchen, Work, Farm, Medic, Hygiene
Rarity Unknown
A spray bottle of disinfectant. Is supposed to kill viruses and bacteria, eliminate germs and undesirable odors. — In-game description

Poison.jpg WARNING: This spray is poisonous. Drinking it will result in chemical poisoning.

Disinfectant Spray is a cleaning solution commonly used in the cleansing of household facilities. It is used to disinfect items and equipment to lower, if not eliminate an infection chance of:

Wound Infection:[edit | edit source]

Cholera:[edit | edit source]

  • Filled drinking containers that can be shared between infected and non-infected players (Canteens and Plastic Bottles)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

By mixing it with water, you can create Diluted Disinfectant Spray which is useful as a pesticide in horticulture. - This is not possible to craft as at Patch 1.08.