Diluted Disinfectant Spray

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This page contains information about a DayZ item that is currently not spawning/craftable, and/or is not functional - but is not a removed or replaced item, in Stable branch.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is not available.
Diluted Disinfectant Spray
Version 0.63
Category Equipment
Repairable With None
Size 2 Slots (1x2)
Weight 160 g (0.35 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Must be Crafted
Rarity Unknown
The liquid is poisonous just enough to kill small insect. — In-game description

Poison.jpg WARNING: This spray is poisonous. Drinking it will result in poisoning.

The Diluted Disinfectant Spray is a type of equipment in DayZ Standalone. It is the result of mixing Disinfectant Spray with water. Once crafted, it can be used as a pesticide on plants that you are growing to prevent pests from ruining the resulting crops.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ability to create this item was added in version 0.57.