Debug Plains

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Debug Plains
Админский Равнины
"Debugging Plains"
CategoryLocations > Unmarked
DebugPlains 1b.jpg
A View of Debug Plains

The Debug Plains form the area outside the map boundaries of Chernarus. They technically stretch out into infinity, but your ability to survive would limit how far out of bounds you would be able to travel. This area also includes the sea to the east and south beyond the coast, which also goes on indefinitely. In the water, beyond the map, you will see islands pop up every so often as well including the Debug Island to the southeast.

Items and tents can be placed at the Debug Plains but will be removed upon a server restart to prevent players from hiding their base.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Debug Plains are in every single Real Virtuality map made by Bohemia Interactive. It's generated by the shape of the terrain inside the map.