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Welcome to the DayZ Standalone Wiki

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See you in Livonia, Survivor.

Here you'll find the most complete source of information on DayZ, including both the DayZ Standalone and the DayZ Mod. Feel free to appropriately add and edit information.

DayZ Wiki: may contain explicit materials some readers may find objectionable. Parental guidance is advised.

Need technical help with the game? Try the official DayZ Discord server here.

Welcome to 1,801 articles and 4,122 files maintained by 24 active editors.

Current DayZ Standalone versions:
PC Stable: 1.07.153006 (11 March 2020)
PC Experimental: 1.07.153006 (6 March 2020)
Xbox: 1.07.153014 (16 March 2020)
Playstation 4: 1.07.153014 (16 March 2020)