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Welcome to the Projects page. Here you'll find a collection of the larger ventures being moved forward by our active editors. This includes things like comprehensive updates of content, language support, and new feature implementation. For more information about a project and how to get involved with it, check out the list below and follow through to each Project page.

Strategic Initiatives[edit source]

These are long-term goals for the wiki to be accomplished by multiple editors.

1. Location Overhaul
2. Weapons Overhaul (Lead: Runnick)
3. "Living Museum" Concept
4. Mod Wiki Updates

User Projects[edit source]

Smaller projects that are typically handled by one editor by themselves.

1. Lore of Chernarus (Rustycaddy)
2. Library of Books (TeriyakiAsthma)
3. Supported Technology (Tatanko)
4. Survivor GameZ (Tatanko)

Language Support[edit source]

Efforts to translate the contents of this wiki into other languages. To get assistance with translating articles, see our translation help page.

1. Czech translation
2. German translation
3. Hungarian translation (AdamTheHUN)
4. Italian translation
5. Japanese translation
6. Portuguese translation
7. Russian translation
8. Spanish translation
9. French translation

Don't see your language listed and want to start a project for it? Tell our Admins to get one started for you.

Completed Projects[edit source]

These are projects which have already been completed. Their individual pages serve as a record of what was accomplished.

1. Wiki Overhaul, Winter 2016-2017
2. Health Overhaul, Winter 2016-2017 (Tatanko)
3. The Experimental Branch, Winter 2016-2017 (Tatanko)
4. Infobox Overhaul, Winter 2016-2017
5. Combat Mechanics, Winter 2016-2017