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Welcome to DayZ Wiki! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. You can find out more general information about the wiki on the About page.

How You Can Contribute

Looking for something to do to improve the Wiki, but you are not sure where to start?

Check out the Update Project for a comprehensive list of things we need help on!

Generally, these are things we need:

  • Expand a Stub - Some articles are merely placeholders, waiting for someone like yourself to come along and grow them into something more useful. For a list of articles in need of further expansion or revision, see Category:Stubs.
  • Improve Existing Content – Many articles can be improved and expanded upon. You could roam the site looking for articles that you feel are too vague, missing information, or have sentences and paragraphs which need rewording to be more understandable. If you notice information that is missing from an article, add it.
  • Fix Errors - Examples of this would include grammar or spelling mistakes. Large quantities of small fixes can greatly improve the quality of the wiki. Additionally, see Outdated Articles for a list of articles that are not up-to-date with the current version of DayZ, for which revision would be very welcome.
  • Write a New Article – Is there something we're missing? You should add it.
  • Make a Suggestion - Think an article would be better with a different name? Two or more pages should be combined? Maybe something should be removed altogether? Suggest a move, a merge, or a delete.
  • Monitor Articles - You can monitor the recent changes list and/or watch articles to catch and fix mistakes as well as help prevent vandalism.
  • Help Other Users - Many users don't know how to get started with helping the wiki. You could assist them by sharing some of your knowledge, and encourage them to become active and get started with editing.
  • Get Involved in a Project - Head on over to the Projects page and see if there is a larger initiative that you can become involved with here at the wiki.
  • Translate - Expanding the number of languages available to visitors of the wiki is always a priority. To get involved in a translation project or start one of your own, check out the list and get in contact with the project lead or a wiki administrator.

You can find a list of the most useful and most commonly used templates on the DayZ:Templates page.

Want to find out what you've done so far? Visit your Contributions page.

Things to Do

  • Stubs - Articles which are currently insufficient and need to be expanded.
  • Citation Needed - Images and articles which need additional citation to meet our standards.
  • Outdated Articles - Articles which need revisions in order to be made current.
  • Cleanup - Pages of any kind which need reorganized, grammar and spelling corrected, or other minor updates for quality.
  • Images Needed - Pages that are missing one or more necessary images.
  • Image Improvement Needed - Images that need replaced with higher quality versions.
  • Need Help - A place to note issues that need attention.

Get Help

Help Articles

A list of most help pages can be found on in the Help category:


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