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Crafting is an ability all players can perform in DayZ Standalone in which they may combine or transform one or more items to produce a new item or change the state of an existing one.

This process is done by having the applicable items in your inventory and dragging one of the base items over the other, in which case a menu will appear showing possible actions that item can be used in. If that combination of items can be used in multiple recipes, all of those recipes will be listed as options. An orange/yellow color around an item being dragged onto another indicates that they can be used together in some way.


Crafting RecipesEdit

Crafting ItemsEdit

Protective Gear & VestsEdit

Ghillie WearEdit



Medical GearEdit


Tools & EquipmentEdit



Base BuildingEdit

Fence kit - Tower kit

Creating ItemsEdit


NOTE: Fertilizer created using the amounts above is 10%. More of each ingredient in proportion can be used to achieve a similarly higher amount of fertilizer.


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